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When deviants ask for points the usual things you hear half the time are: "Can I have some points please?” “Can you donate me some points please?” “Points?” “Donate me?”  

While you may be tempted to do the same thing, it's strongly unadvisable. You mostly won’t get it right away. The reason is because some people think it is rude to ask them for the points, some save their own points for contests, gifts, use it to get some people premeuim membership and for themselves. Don’t be upset if they say no or ignore your request. But still if you need points really bad there are ways to get them. Here I have provided a list on how to get points fast and easy! This shouldn’t be hard if you are very patient! Read this very carefully!

1) Points commission: If they love your arts, well why not open a points commission! They’d love to commission you to draw for them! All you need do is set up prices for the points like “Lineart for 5 points. Colors for 10 points” with simple of your arts” (Please see the # 1 simple link in my comment below)

2) Contests: You can always join in any contest if they give away any amout of points for the winners. If you won the contest, well good for you! If you didn’t, well don’t get upset! You can always join other contests! You can even join more than one contest! (Please see the # 2 in my comment)

3) Give Away Points: Everyone is doing it! I always look for journals for this, it’s fun! You can look through many journals for for anyone that just wants to give away points. All you have to do is follow what they say in the journal and wait until they pick the winner. You can always find more of these journals if you lose the first time and keep trying again and again until you get lucky! Don’t ever give up!

4)  Adopt Art: You can draw and sell them for the points! It shouldn’t be that hard! :D If you can’t draw, you can always use base or doll makers. For the base and doll makers, YOU MUST ASK owner for give you the permission to sell their dolls for adopt! If they aren’t interesting to adopt yours. Just be patience and wait. (Please see the # 4 in my comment)

5) Sell your arts/Photos: Every artist and Photographer sell their works for money, some sell them for the points. If you want to sell you art or photos, you can set up the prices on Prints. (Please see the #5 in my comment)

6) Donate Box: If you have a donate box up on your page, you can alaways set the numbers on how many points you want to get. You can write like “Please donate me because I want premuim membership” or “Help me out so I can commission people” and many more. (Please see # 6 in my comment)

7) llama for points: Some people trade points for llama. It does not happen that much though. But if you still want to make the attempt, you can write a journal for it or find it on the llama badge page (Please see the # 7 in my comment)

8) Points Account: Lot of people make Points give away accounts for everyone who needs/wants points. You can watch them, read their rules on how to get points if you follow hem right! As long as you don’t ask for the points! But some are scams, so you have to be careful who you watch! (Please see the # 8 in my comment)

9) Don’t ask for points: That is BEST WAY to get the points is don’t ever ask anyone for the points! Like myself. I don’t ask anyone. I just simple give them llama, they visted my page, returned llama and give me points if they WANT TO or support me for my needs. You may get lucky to get some if you’re patient! ^_^

10) Most important of all: BE PATIENt!!! As they always say “Good things come to who wait” You will mostly like get points fast. Like me!

~I have seen SO MANY people who can’t affored to buy points, that they have to ask for points anywhere on DA but they get ignored or they are simply told, 'no'. So I diced, why not make this for everyone and anyone who wants to try to get some points? So here it is, I really hope this should helpful for all of you if you want some points!

~ See this? “Ask for Points”  It should be of some help to get points, but unfortunatly It doesn’t help THAT MUCH if they say no when you ask for the points, right? THAT’S WHY I wrote these friendly tips on how to get points should the plea for pounts gets ignored.  (NO, I am not saying that “Ask for points”  is not helping 100% of the time. I just want to help just in case if gets ignored or refused should they ask for it. THIS IS OTHER TIPS. GET IT?)

~To some people who feel annoying when people ask you for the points even they don’t see the stamps or button “Please don’t ask me for the points” and even they don’t care about that and ask you anyway. You can give them this link in nice way :D It should be help so they will not ask anyone else anymore…..I hope! ^_^

:below:Here's the list!:below:

1) Here is the simplest way how to set up points comment → Points Commission Open See? That’s very easy to do! :D

2) There’s 3 different places where you can find contests to join:

a)… (Always click on ‘Newest’)

b)… (Always click on ‘Newest’)

c)… If none of interesting you. You can check them out as well! → DALiteratureContests

3)… (Always click on ‘Newest”) There’s so many points give away. GOOD LUCK! :hug:

4) There’s 3 ways to adopt art for points

a) Drawing →…

b) Base →… (You must read the comment if they say it’s ok for you to use base for adopt!) Plus don’t forget to creitd to the owners!

c) Doll Makers →… (She said It's ok to make adoptables with the puppy maker. Here the prove →…

You join these groups → Any--Adopt:devadoptable-for-fun: You may be lucky to get points if they want to adopt some of yours :D

5) Please go here → In this example you can see “1,824 :points” That’s how you can sell your works. If you dont know how to set it up like this, you can go here -->FAQ #620: How do I submit print products? It should help :D

6) Please go here → Life-is-the-bubbles Once you see my donate box, that’s how I got lot of points from everyone WITHOUT ASK FOR POINTS!! :D (If you ask and they give you some, well you’re lucky, it only happens rarely)

7) Go on your page, see the llama on top right? Click on llama. You will see “Llama trade” If you see anyone put up points. Click on it and you got the points! → life-is-the-bubbles.deviantart…

8) Here the list where you can get points:

:icondahub::icondahubplus::iconlove-and-points::iconxxpointseverywherexx: They’re most trustful to get points! You must remember this! If you see unactive points accounts, don’t ask, don’t watch. Just move on next accounts. Make sure you look all over on account to make sure it’ most active and most trustful, then you can watch them!  :)


“That looks so hard! Why did you say it shouldn’t be that hard,” you may ask? Well, I have been on DA for 6 years (Princess-Mer-Tigerz was my old account) and that was when the points system was new on DA. I asked few people for points, but they refused.  It took me a while to figure out how to get points in the right way. I learned from my mistakes.TRUST ME O_O You don’t want make the mistake I did.

Arghhhhh, my hands are on fire from type too much on this :XD:

PS: I dont know which category to put this in.

AND I know few needs to work on. I will fix it tomorrow because my hands are tired from type too much >u<
Love-and-Points Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Thank you!
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you're very kind in letting this information, most knew her, but I'll leave to favorite if someone needs it, that's good to have people like you here in DA :huggle:
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